Craig Martin

Craig Martin has worked as a writer, freelance curator and commissioning editor for Book Works. After completing his MA in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London he has taught in higher education and lectured at a variety of institutions including Tate Modern, Camden Arts Centre, the Architecture Foundation and the ICA. Martin's current research interests range across a number of cultural fields, linked primarily by theories of communication, especially in its graphic, linguistic, topological, architectural, virtual and non-verbal forms. He is currently working on research projects on theories of distributive space, the post-industrial office space and the theory of viral graphic design through the distribution of Gulf War propaganda leaflets. He has contributed to a number of magazines, including UNTITLED, Art Monthly and Mute and his recent writings have featured in books such as Wonderful: Visions of the Near Future, Greyscale/CMYK and N55: Book.