David Mollin

David Mollin completed his PhD. research in Visual Arts at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2004. In 1990-91 he was DAAD Scholar at Düsseldorf Kunstakademie and has since regularly exhibited as a painter and video artist. Mollin has worked collaboratively as an author with Matthew Arnatt, initiating with Arnatt the on-going project, _100 Reviews, _which invites critics to expose their practice by foregrounding the curator’s discrete object, the editing processing of literary publication. The project doubles as a piece of conceptual art. Recent exhibitions include Death of Romance, Ganton Street, with David Burrows, Nigel Cooke, David Falconer, Aya Ben Ron, and others, curated by Matthew Poole and Amanda Beech. Sir®Eal, Redux Project Space, London with Reza Aramesh, Adam Dant, Elizabeth LeMoine, and others, curated by Peter Lewis. Publications include Dreams and Conflicts. The Dictatorship of the Viewer, The 50th Venice Biennale, conceived and authored with Matthew Arnatt and Peter Fillingham; 100 Reviews April 2003, 100 Reviews 4 published by Alberta Press in association with Greengrassi Gallery. The conference and book launch was held at Tate Britain. His video work has been recently presented at Random-ize Film/Video Festival, Cherng Pin Art Centre, Taipei, Taiwan; and I Can’t Fight This Feeling, Crowe T. Brookes Gallery, St Louis, USA, curated by Chris Paquet.