Douglas Park

Rough and thick crust and hide swells, bulging, cracked, burst; rock-face broken out all over in eruptive tree-bark knot-holes.

Rigid, coarse and parched outer scar-tissue opened up. Clean wounds, gaping orifices, fresh blossom and vulnerable shellfish become unearthed and shown off. Wares put out on display for inspection glow brightly. Ever-watchful and wide-awake eyes spring into action; none falter, blink, grow tired, sore or needing rest.

Armoured fortress closes tight shut again, although not healing over or sealed; hairline-fractures allow each sleepless inmate scope to watch, unhindered, enjoying panoramic sight range afforded.

Witnesses and jury track every monitored case-study subject's slightest expression, pose, gesture, mannerism, movement, activity, encounter and exchange; never knowingly out-stared or missing anything.

Once noticed (or rather, caught) by them, any escape-bid to freedom or attempt at shaking off these invincible clutches and binding proves futile.

Sheer path and impact of their merest idle glance or focussed gaze is actually felt; intense sensations malinger, surviving far into advanced longevity; marks made and change caused, wherever they touch and rest.

Ability and right is exercised to see straight through surface, interior, contents and surroundings of even the most opaque substances; before passing beyond and over that towards great distances.

The very same applies when looking sideways, around corners --and for rear-view behind.

Sometimes, other's vision and this considerable force meet, overlapped, adhering.

Swallowed intelligence gleaned travels, conducted along veins and wiring, headed for hidden secret depths within; as well as exhaled, shone, blown and flung outwards; both channels eventually reach ultimate destinations, where findings await and undergo consideration, processing and usage. Accumulative intake multi-layered laminate compresses; firm, hardening, solidified, unshiftable; cavities blocked, full up; gains stuck, irretrievably lodged. Knowledge databank mineral resources sought and won in vain --unless somehow possible to unravel apart or melt together. Until then, acquisition exceeds storage facilities, while surplus extract overflows.

Copyright, Douglas Park, 2007