Brian Chadwick

PROPOSAL in gestation. A more than usually unruly idea and of extreme infectivity. Pandemic or pandemonium. Conclusion remote, moving to DEcoherence. Begins as:

"A PROLOGOMENON to a Propaedeutics of EXPLOSIONS. With classes, practical realizations, interstitial probes": Moving towards this most specific of all places HERE Hic Haec[ceity] adHoc.German ORT.

A [nomad] science of EXPLOSIONs requires its concept. Or an assertion. EXPLOSOME, with neologistic ties with RHIZOME, GENOME, requiring its complement: macro-OME goes to micro-EME. EXPLOSEME. See the models (pictures) offered below: Korea. The Pun. Nanostate. Noosphere. October. The CUT.

Antonio Negri provides the string (that tunes all the others, eg linguistics, war etc) on which the beads of unconditional oppositionality may be threaded: the metaclash: TIME-AS-MEASURE and ONTOLOGICAL TIME EXPLODE (this is his word) INTO OPPOSED HORIZONS, but there will be other formulations. Call it The Negri Antithesis (NA).

But the millenial deferral that this formula may be read as implying will need to be countered by a jagged haecceity - Apocalypse Now. See Rory Bremner: Armaggedon, Ah'm a gedd'n richer. Also cf the Acquisitions and Mergers (A&M) "section" (=CUT) below

Negri assigns his Antithesis to Marx (TR 107): Marx's tautology [is] revealed in real subsumption -

(ie incorporation and subjugation of labour power, its modularization and metricization ("hollowing out"), a matter of everyday). Continue: the idea of time is for capital posed as an idea of command...TIME is configured in the form, and follows the criteria of the ordering of economic SPACE, as reversibility of all the points, as circulation, as money.

SOME IMAGES, IMAGINATIONS, ILLUMINATIONS, ILLUSTRATIONS to prompt interstitial approaches and counteract the pseudo-continuities smoothing jagged plenums

Georg Cantor: the rationals are spotted in the line like stars in a black sky while the dense blackness is the firmament of the irrational (macro-shifting in relation to rigorous theorizing of the orders of the transfinite and the continuum in number theory)

Think-aloud protocols (TAPs). Research data provided by trainee translators at work, aimed at establishing optimal translation strategies in business contexts. These show that processes involving "shifts" - code-switching, de-verbalization (spatialization) of semantic units, performances involving "jagged lurching forward and falling back", alternation of bottom-up and top-down text perspectives are more efficient than "linear lexically determined behaviours";

Alexandr Vvedensky Absurdist 1930s poet describes some Simple Things including: A mouse scuttles across a boulder. Just count its every step. Only forget the word "every", just forget "step". Then every step will seem a completely new action. Then, since, rightly, your perception of a series of movements as something whole, which you mistakenly called a step, would have disappeared (you had mixed up movement and time with space, and had simply put one on top of the other), then before your eyes movement starts to splinter and almost becomes zero. A scintillation sets in. the mouse glitters. You look around. The world glitters (like the mouse).

Close your eyes. You see stuff twinkling . You are trapped (embedded) in a frontier zone between Mind and Brain without choice, and without focus. With your mind count the glitter of neuronal explosions of the neo-cortex (brain).

The Dirichlet function: F(x) = { 1, x rational; 0, x irrational} for any finite and closed interval on the Real line, one of an uncountable infinity of functions having and uncountably infinite number of points of discontinuity, only measurable (summable) under stated conditions of integrability (Lebesgue - very important in roughing up the real world.). (A playful version of Cantor's cosmogonics);

Situationist Marxist theoretician Henri Lefebvre: A house - the seeming epitOME of immovability, but not. Analysis shows it permeated from every direction from every direction by streams of energy which run in and out of it by every imaginable route: water, gas electricity, telephone lines, radio and television signals etc(PS 1974/1991, p93) - a complex of mobilities, nexus of conduits; analogously street, and city, a constantly burning, blazing bonfire consuming truly colossal quantities of energy. read on for interesting conclusions...

Geobiochemist V I Vernadsky 1863-1945, author of the Noosphere concept: not only the biosphere but the whole of accessible or conceivable space is penetrated by irradiations of the energetic environment...around us and through us, always and everywhere, constantly altering, overlapping and colliding, pass waves of radiant energy, whose wavelengths range from 10 millionths of a millimetre to those of the order of kilometres...the constant replenishment and suffusion of space by this irradiation crucially distinguishes the real, non-material cosmic environmnet from the idea, abstract space of geometry. Zhivoe veshchestvo i biosfera, 1994.

[military application of Cantoresque spotting and Vernadskian permeability, here of the (geopolitical) firmament]: 24 December [1950] General MacArthur submitted a "list of retardation targets", for which he needed 26 atomic bombs...He states (in posthumously published interviews), "I would have dropped between 30 and 50 atomic bombs...strung across the neck of Manchuria...a belt of radioactive cobalt...active life of between 60 and 100 years...[barring any]land invasion from the North[ie the reclusive state]. Cobalt has 320 times the radioactivity of radium. One 400-ton cobalt H-bomb...could wipe out all animal life on earth. A few months later [1951] Rep Albert Gore [environmentalist Al's dad] suggested "something cataclysmic" to end the war: a radiation belt dividing the Korean peninsular [a cordon sanitaire to contain the reclusive state]...The United States came closest to using atomic weapons in in early April 1951...At the end of March George Edward Stratemeyer, US Far East Air Forces Commander during the Korean War reported that atomic bomb loading pits at Kadena air base on Okinawa [Japan] were operational; the bombs [had been] carried there unassembled and put together at the base. This from Bruce Cumings. Origins of the Korean War. v2, The Roaring of the Cataract 1990 p750, his text except for inserts in square brackets.

[gap here - to signal quantal leaps in the suffused plenum of this EXPLOSOME; A division, obviously a temporary expedient turned into a permanent dividing line between the two Koreas - the 38th parallel was made under pressure in half an hour by the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee at night, 36 hours after exploding Nagasaki, 9 August 1945, from the only map immediately available, a small scale National Geographic wall map of the Far East. Decisions in late August 1945 to retain the former Japanese Governor General and still existing (Japanese) colonial apparatus supplemented by Korean collaborators with Japan, much hated by the Korean masses, to head off the emergence of a (left-leaning) Korean People's Republic in late August 1945. Arrival 5 September of the US XXIV Corps, march through completely silent streets lined with Japanese police with fixed bayonets >>FF: by late August [1950], B-29 formations were dropping 8oo tons of bombs a day on the North [the future reclusive state], much of it pure napalm: "handfuls of peasants defied the immense weight of modern arms with a few rifles and carbines and a hopeless courage and brought upon themselves the appalling horror of jellied petrol bombs"; weapons preferred to atomic bombs included spraying with radioactive dust, to avoid the destruction of property...]

[in lieu of a postscript to guard against pseudo-continuities]: currently (spring 2009), the US has between 700 and 800 bases world wide, since 2001 established in a further 7 countries. There are 56 bases, ordnance depots and tactical installations/airstrips in South Korea, and 10 similar on Okinawa [in case of aggressive behaviour by the reclusive state]. globalresearch.ca/

The flipping of the Negri Antithesis. Economic and financial EXPLOSION (irreversibility) as restoration of measurability, cyclical time-as-measure, the Klein Shock, reestablishing metrics of quantifiable outputs, profitability, light touch, green shoots: BBC News's 12 June Evan Davis vehicle The Bottom Line, Harriet Green, global corporation Premier Farnell's CEO, replying to Evan's talking point regarding ideal size of corporations affirms that in tough times CEOs look for acquisitions. She warns her peer CEOs including Nordic boss of Pizza Hut, against pathogenic hubristic drives towards acquisition, and steers the conversation towards its proper exercise and correct perspectives of profit-maximization. PF's acquisitional drive follows a very jagged Dirichlet-type course. Its business model focuses on electronic design engineering's global market, works as responsible global player with local players, for example in the Chinese earthquake-affected regions to rebuild the area, powerfully drive business through the Web, increase customer reach through acquisitions and local language web sites in emerging Polish, Hungarian and Czech markets, extending the PF footprint even further in this high growth region, also in India. This expanding corporation does not make stuff but is acquiring part control of companies that do, facilitating distribution through careful fostering of holding companies. Tough times create opportunities. (Evan's programme is not actually about business but offering glam profiles of global players.)

A perfect glimpse of the stealthy flipping of the dialectic. Reversibility (end of history, growth for ever, eternal laws of greed) embedded within the fervently hoped-for suppression of a correlational simulacrum of irreversibility. Reversible (metricized) time at the service of the ultimate Purism of a tunnelled irreversibility - Concentration, consolidation, cartelization By other names. to avoid unwanted recollections of I G Farben-Standard Oil partnerships...

A special case: PHONEME: pivot, junction point and phenotype of EXPLOSEME: PHONEME: the smallest sound unit that can be segmented from the accoustic flow of speech and which can function as semantically distinctive units, notated as phonetic symbol between slashes - allow the breath to accumulate behind the closure (of lips, glottis, whatever) and then suddenly open the closure, the breath will come out with a slight pop, or explosion; sounds formed in this way are stops, plosives, explosives, like our unvoiced [p,t,k] and our voiced [b,d,g] (Bloomfield, 1933) ]

BUT, ALSO, PHONEME in its SEMANTIC aspect as well as physiological Explosivity. janus-faced. (re the PHONEMIC abyss). Christmas Eve 1999: a newspaper hoarding carrying two closely adjacent texts. Police Rap Trap for Yardies, and: Raped Nun Left For Dead. The first was about undercover police methods of deciphering Yardie talk to help shop criminals. The phonemic sequence /r/::/p/ does not prove that Yardies rape nuns. [as in the Cantor case, mathematicians of a certain kind, from Fermat to Ramanujan, and most physicists, from Bohr to Schrodinger, rate proof as an inessential ex post facto part of the conceptual process, and value highly deeper processes of associativity, metaphor and analogy. Hence quantum physicists' obsession with visualizability.]

Paranomasia, "a semantic confrontation of phonemically similar words, irrespective of any etymological connection, plays a considerable role in the of language. Phonemic similarity is sensed as semantic relationship..." R Jakobson, Writings, v II. An article "On translation and translatability" in a millenial (Jan 2000) joint anglo-german art book publication, Berlin, with a bilingually punning title Gift (=German "poison"), glosses paranomasia (or paronymy) as: the pun is the pivot impelling the shift into domains of meaning incommensurable with discursive distinguishability, a figure of how the passage through iconic spaces is navigated from say "grave" to "crave" and "rave" etc. www.copyrightprojekt.de

The activated PHONEMIC abysses are the substratum of some aspect of the explosome. [infamy / inf'me. Frankie Howerd]. Vladimir Mayakovsky's 1918 poem "Good attitude to horses" contains four consecutive single-word lines: grib/grab'/grob/grub, accoustically depicting clattering hooves of an old horse, which collapses exhausted on the icy cobbles of Petrograd 1918. The words potently (explosively) bridge SEMANTIC abysses and force collisions: mushroom/rob/bier/crude...

Reminder to me: The EXPLOSOME and its inseparable mate(as the Universal Set is the lover of the Empty Set, both of them at once open and closed ), the EXPLOSEME will constitute a plenum, everywhere occurring. It is not a rarity or a singular occurrence exempt from the metrics of an otherwise almost everywhere continuous void. A sovereign example of its ubiquity is language. Along both its major axes: accoustic/physiological/ phonetic/neuronal vs semantic/cognitive/ideological/poetic...

The PHONEME is the agent of turbulence in language, subversion of stable unilinear meanings, generator of fissures, glittering, abysses, to be kept at bay, monologized...As in legal documents, leases, bills, etc requiring the quashing of phonemic contamination.

With certain provisos: 1. The Phoneme is a pivotal prototype of the ExplosEME/OME but not its dominant. Other domains of the Explosome include the neuronal synapse, CUTS of many kinds. proteinic mutations, DREAMING, which may well be driven phonemically, WAR, economic transactions; footnotes especially in ROUGH histories (This refers especially to histories which are extracted from archives, and which are scarred with the historian's dialectical struggle for ever greater exactitude, and reach asymptotically an absolute point of discontinuity, a non-durational slit of unknowability. Such histories do not aim at smoothing joins of peaks and troughs and approximate typologically to the Dirichlet function, ROUGH history. These histories are scarred and fractured, impossible to read and the only ones worth the effort, histories by the likes of Annie Lacroix-Riz, tracking the relationships between German and French big business in the 1930s and 1940s, by Georges Lefebvre seeking the point of ignition of the French Revolution in the meetings, encounters, publications of the Seances of the Estates General of a very few days in June of 1789 telling the struggle for legitimacy of statements and their siting as procedures of political power. At the same time a powerful scrutiny and sharp illumination of Foucault's diagrams in his greatest book.

2. Owed to Valentin Voloshinov.The process of incorporation into ideology (including ART, me, prompting a new domain ARTOME, possibly related to EPITOME)...is best followed out in the material of the word. This process of ideological generation is reflected two ways in language: both in its large scale universal-historical dimensions...and in its small-scale dimensions as constituted within the framework of contemporaneity, since...the word sensitively reflects differently oriented social interests within one and the same sign community...The ruling class strives to impart a supraclass eternal character to the ideological sign. (Article 15 of the Nanostate Protocol affirms ther inconceivability of a concept of language within the Nanostate interior. The political advantage for past and existing nation states of the conceptual consolidation of language is to remove ambiguities and fix the meanings which issuing authorities require their texts to have [legal documents are the most consistent embodiments of techniquea aimed at fixation of meaning],Whereas the Nanostate posture regarding language requires various antitheses of this fixity: meaning dependent on the sight of utterance, centrality of ambiguity, systemicity of untelligibility and noise, punning as the driver of language, and the reintegration of lingustic spaces into the utterance.. nanostate.org/.)

3. Phonemic exploitation of ideology. Government Departments of Phoneme Management

To be continued. Endpiece for now; a story or a WALK around the smoothing repository of the World's Knowledge

through magificent halls and antechambers and discreet booths, as Oscar Wilde strolled through the Louvre, glide past flickering screens of St Pancras's repository of the World Archive, pass packed row-on-rows of the globalized multitudes rapt in laptops and scrutinizing gleaming manuals, interspersed with a thin scatter of a few doing textual things to Jane Austen, critiquing any 2-, 3-...n-uple permutation of Zizek, Badiou, Deleuze, Meillassoux, Buzgalin, Virilio or George Soros, or veering towards Tarnac-9 TGV-type explosions. Ah, ...in Business and Patents, muttering clusters of readers with bristling journals and data sheets deciphering immunocytochemical correlations between histone H4 acetylation and transposon inactivation (Epigenomics, Ferguson-Smith, Greally and Martiensson, Springer 2009, p vi))

Re demographics, imagine in the carpeted passageways and alcoves, near the water fountains and on soft upholstery, young Asians, the mutinous excluded, monitored by the Administration honing its multicultural access policy through cutting edge security arrangements, have snuck out of Somers Town and blocks east of Judd Street to conduct hijab-accented westernizing snogging and body fluid swaps, out of sight of the Mullahs. The languid haughty jeunesse doree on the other hand up during the vac everywhere interact Wifiwise.

Re said manuals: I was struck with how alike they look - shaded boxes, bullet points, colours, graphs, tables and words, also stages reached, exercises and What You should now Understand -. Reader on reader intently deciphering modularized PHRASOMEs, MATHOMES and TERMINOLOGICS of strategy maximalizing consultancy-led acquisitional corporate customer interfacing economic business models.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Donald Sutherland was first aware that something queer was going on when he looked out of his window to see seemingly normal people walking around quietlike, carrying plastic bin bags, their human remains, to be discreetly dumped. The British Library supplies transparent plastic logoed bags to cart laptops, files and the occasional book around, The difference being that the BL stuff is a construction site for New People not waste material as in IBS. A change going on before your eyes. The people leaving are not the same as when they arrive early in the morning. They are undergoing discursive reconstruction

IthEYoSHewe are undergoing modularization..

Supplement: Fragments, notes, raw materials. [these five words added 12 July 2009]

Language is the officially sanctioned vehicle of thought (actually, as harnessed, its slaughter DENKVERBOT) but is of the Devil's party without being able to do anything about it, due to the massively impacted system of PHONEMES. Two unruly functions: fissive and fusive (fuse - a device for igniting a bomb).


The OED sanctions a wide generic spread (cover) for Explosome. From 1706, a brilliant buttressing of its heterogene claims: an Action of the Animal spirits, whereby the nerves are suddenly drawn together, when some Particles of a different kind are mixed with the Spirits, by which they are violently expanded, or spread forth and driven into confusion..., in 1878, gorgeously: Life is a continous explosion of nerve material; in 1848, politically, by historian Macaulay...This step was the signal for a general explosion. The people refused to pay taxes

1990, the breaking of Geoffrey Howe's cricket bat signalled the Battle of Trafalgar (Square).

21 June 2009, 500 workers of the Linsey Total refinery (Lincolnshire), on (unofficial) strike since February, will be sacked if they have not returned to work at 5pm Monday (22 June 2009) and agree to renegotiate contracts with wage cuts. The morning of the 23rd: 650(!) workers agreed to burn their dismissal notices at the plant gates.

Further aspects of this explosome are to be signalled

14 August 1945

Explosions have antecedents and consequents. they span light years, decades, lives, seasons and nanoseconds

It begs a "particulate" completion EXPLOSEME. But RHIZEME is like a bit of worm hacked off with a shovel. GENEME would be a pointless redundancy, neither fish nor fowl, gene nor protein. PHONOME?

Also remembering that PHONEME is a particulate (differentiating feature) which does not at all sit and is absolutely disjoint with its apparent macro-sites PHONOLOGY, or PHONETICS. There is only one cumulative totalizing concept which will house it - the WORD . Bakhtin's Speech Genre/Utterance and deeply analogous Foucaulr's Discourse/Statement.

Phoneme is a useful hinge or bridge with EXLOSOME. It harbours explosive processes: plosives, fricatives, agglutinatives, labials glottals, clicks; micro-processes of holding releasing, streaming. Maybe expolosions require their preparations and have consequences. maybe they can be fast or slow, hard or soft, rearward or forward. They must have correlations of not multi- but anti-disciplinary impurity.

The EXPLOSOME will have prime and privileged modes: neuronal, ideological, biochemical, political, military etc

But, chiefly, as in Canetti's typology of crowds (explosive material at its greatest level of generality) it is everywhere DENSE, VORTICAL, SWARMING.

These days, people do (supervised) walks -

Hence EXPLOSOME. The bring together of planetary remotenesses.

Start the proposal. Great sayings, theses, maxims, propositions.

If it has a motto or crutch, it must be

Explosome, to replace weasel plurals - explosionS - (what? in general? as a rule? generic?) - by a senwse of the immanence of the universal, the word signifying the implacable need of a practically realizable PROJECT to implant orientations in the learner of the burning need of presence, THIS.

PRESENCE? Better say The Present, haecceity, site, the arrow, destruction of time as measure.

DIFFICULTIES? Every novice knows that the aprioris of any well-formed set theory require as guarantee of its grounding in the real the molar and molecular, void and plenum, the UNIVERSAL SET and the EMPTY SET, to guarantee the shamefully imperceptible switching of openness and closure.

Antonio Negri's summoning up of the two great dimensions of Marx's tautology (revealed in real subsumption [he means: of labour]), time-as-measure and ontological time, explode into opposed horizons (p107) speaks to this switching/flipping.

Politically as well as economically, glimmerings that need taking seriously, put well by Sartre, remembering Eric: Le proletariat ne songe pas a reclamer la liberte politique[...]qui n'est qu'un mystification...Il souhaite l'amelioration de son sort et, plus profondement, plus obscurement aussi, la fin de l'exploitation de l'homme par l'homme (Situations II)

The Nanostate was a practical experiment in geopolitics excavating its underlying metrics. It retrospectively appears as a playful exploration of Negri's antithetical temporalities. Its clock tracked the non-duration of ontological time and, thus, deconstructed the palimpsest nature of the spatio-temporal loci of Real Political Entities, especially Nation States (nanostate.org, Protocol no.1, Art 3)

Michel Foucault seeks a principle of rarification in the vast spaces and unlimited combinations of linguistic elements and statements, however numerous. Every discursive formation is a subset of the universal set. The presence of a never-to-be-exorcised developing totality is the ironic hobgoblin that Foucault allows a glimpse of as an asset that is by nature the object of a struggle, [hestitates...] a political struggle (AK 120. )

(Also AK 47:

In short, a needed complement of the EXPLOSOME (Project working title explosomics) requires its flip side EXPLOSEME. Suffixes that point to the project as an immanence and a HETEROGENE. Hence the difficulty of a quasi-theory of an un-theory. (insert "Language article 15" bit)

But also the opportunity of connecting rigour, action and the real.

AS, analogously the relationship of PHONEME to phonetics or phonology is one of absolute disjuncture. Jakobson not Foucault. Neuro-Freud not PsychoFreud


PROLEGOMENON to a Propaedeutics of EXPLOSIONS. With classes, practical realizations, interstitial probes.

The pun is an EXPLOSEME, as said later

The (anti)thesis is magnificently stated by Antonio Negri: The two great dimensions of Marx's tautology (revealed in real subsumption [of labour - me]), time-as-measure and ontological time, EXPLODE into opposed horizons

The Bottom Line offers managed glimpses of the workings of Late Capitalism, instance of normalizing windows served up by the Sredstva Massovoi Kommunikatsii (SMK, MassMedia`). An instinctive, virtuosic grasp of what in the real world of crisis would constitute conditions of integrability of market versions converging eg to the Dirichlet function: F(x) = { 1, x rational; 0, x irrational}, an instance of a function with infinitely many points of discontinuity, approximated to by recent market fluctuations, integrable using a very general kind of integral (Lebesgue).

Traders viscerally translate "summable" in situations modelling structural discontinuity as profit-taking. Such focus is neatly aphorized post-infra-Crisis by Rory Bremner, Armageddon - A'm a geddin' richer (15 June). The space of managed, finite and non-foundational irreversibility is rampaged through by Naomi Klein.)

This mapping will of necessity be exploratory be exploratory. Of the EXPLOSOME. Non esoteric, wide recognitions at many inter-genre and inter-discursive levels.

EXPLOSOME as in some sense a universal set requires its "holes", proper subsets, and partitions thereof, in the aggregate incuding above all the empty set, in tis context nameable as EXPLOSEME

A methodology will require a wide-ranging mathematico-Darwinian collection of specimens, examples, premonitions, pragmatic awarenesses, epistemological penetrations: Some starting points:

Derek Simpson, General Secretary of UNITE, Any Questions, 11 June, urges the need to roughen political continuities (spin) to converge on the NEEDS OF THE MOMENT;

(Negri) -The time of political economy is nomenclature, auto-declaration of value, command. Therefore it is the negation of the real time which is experienced as antagonistic, or rather, it is a reduction within a formally dialectical schema: the cycle and cyclical development, the market and the plan - that is, in the cyclical development, time is configured in the form, and follows the criteria of the ordering of economic space, as reversibility of all the points, as circulation, as money (p107)...

really knows about explosions and grasps the Explosome in one of its fundamental slices or partitions. In The Bottom Line, a chat hosted by nice Evan Davies. Evan wanted assembled CEOs

Narrative, phomemic, logical, neuronal, evental, set-theoretic as necessary corrective to modularities, homogeneities, smooth presumptions, metrics. matters spotted by Euclid, Leibniz, Newton and Cauchy but apparently in line with the oleaginous hegemonic requirement (need for security) we are assumed or thugged by the SMK (Media) into still not getting it - hatred of haecceity

Project outlined by Derek Simpson general Secretary of UNITE, Any Questions, Thursday 11 June 2009 of need to roughen political continuities (spin) to converge on the NEEDS OF THE MOMENT.

Harriet Green really knows about explosions and grasps the Explosome in one of its fundamental slices or partitions. In The Bottom Line, a chat hosted by nice Evan Davies. Evan wanted assembled CEOs

(The Nanostate

The negative - the need not to concoct explosions but uncover their amassed and repressed singularities. Or normalized - the film edit is an unnoticed explosion, day-to-night, time into space, as Lev Kuleshov prescribed in his film without film exercises

Including the double negative, negation of negation, Clever stuff Out-of-frame explosion substituted by its simulacrum. Viz -

Imaginary continuities and a point on the smooth curve of coloured non-red anti-revolutions - elegantly extrapolated by Fatty (John) Simpson in Teheran, foregrounded in heroic Delacroixesquer libertarian mode, Saturday 12 June, led a charge of muscular young, probably rich Iranians chanting We Want Freedom in the imperial language, just as we stormed Trafalgar Square in 1990 chanting Down With The Poll Tax in impeccable Mandarin. Impeccable!

Harriet Green really knows about explosions and grasps the Explosome in one of its fundamental slices or partitions. In The Bottom Line, a chat hosted by nice Evan Davies. Evan wanted assembled CEOs

These would function as a foundation course in educating perceptions of [Derek Simpson needs of the moment, Antonio Negri - time-as-measure, ontological time p107, automatism, modularization, Althusser's "Hey you"....]

Goes on to exercises

Presentations in vartious idioms - theatrical/ chemical

Ultimately to create/generate the EXPLOSOME (BANGOME)

The components of explosion will be brought out. Total impurity and total surgical penetration of the interstice. This is completely everyday stuff .

This view has amazingly persuasive evocations, Georg Cantor musing at night on the transfinititude of large numbers and threshold of uncountability likened the set of real numbers to the plenitudes between the closest stars of the Rationals in the infinite regressions forming the power of the continuum.

During the 10 and 11 June tube strike, the city gridlock saw choices sprouting and accelerating.Traffic slowed but only in the sense of thermodynamic statistical aggregation. A fast microdynamics developed. A splitting of instants of decisions interrogated the illiciteness of behaviours

Close your eyes. Seeing reveals a peculiar structure. Not darkness but a boundless variegated infinitiely regressive shimmering that negates choice and the possibility of the act of seeing AS. Or one choice which would be a death, opening eyes returning to subjectivity.

Absurdist 1930s poet Aleksandr Vvedensky

This and other instances

A systematic organization, but also of un embarras qui subsiste, a difficulty for its reader to grasp its systematicity; of a confused feeling of the potential ordering which ever allows glimpses of itself but then constantly denied; a labyrinthine quality, perspectives granted, points of view multiplied, possibilities infinitely reiterated. No thinker shows such passion for elementary introductions, plans, programmes, "synopses", indexes and tables, glossaries and classifications. l' image qui s'impose est celle d' un reseau - a network, several linked chains, having multiple points of entry and junctions; a tapestry, weaving, embroidery or lace, whose study Descartes himself recommended in making calculations (M Serres, Le systeme de Leibniz et ses modeles mathematiques, Paris 1968, v1, pp 7-8).

This would serve useful pedagogic purposes.

Some reasons.

the X/Y paradigm reconfigured to accomodate cas

It could be called