Intercourse ===================

Nina Zammit-Zorn


<title> on unrealized intercourse with an intelligent building </title>
var window → part 00
window0 → on (unrealized) intercourse with →

by means of


and SEARCH-engine

panel0 → „on (not) flagging a dead cause“ →
screen TEXT (with 3 main components)
part 00 ends
part 01
window1 → intelligent building (X) → screen installation (Y) → enquiry agency (Z) →
screen installation (Y) → intelligent building (X)


panel1 → Q. should X Y or Z ACT as a focal point providing entry

and should all 3 act interdependently while providing ENTRY each to other?

A. none at time of writing
part 01 ends
part 02
window2 → intelligent building project X → by-m-by haus bilong yu bilong mi

multi-screen installation project Y → we’re here because we’re here because we’re here
because we’re here

search-engine navigation project Z → (a) « quoi de neuf pussycat? » → (b) la femme Nikita


X YZ ((by-m-by haus bilong yu bilong mi)→(we’re here because we’re here because we’re
here because we’re here)→(la femme Nikita))

XZ Y ((by-m-by haus bilong yu bilong mi)→(la femme Nikita)→(we’re here because we’re
here because we’re here because we’re here))

Z YX ((la femme Nikita)→(we’re here because we’re here because we’re here because we’re
here)→(by-m-by haus bilong yu bilong mi))

YZX ((we’re here because we’re here because we’re here because we’re here)→(la femme
Nikita)→(by-m-by haus bilong yu bilong mi)

panel2 → Q. if the skeletal or bare-bones or outline structure provided by X → FORM

and (FORM → CONCEPTUAL STRUCTURE of major and minor elements within an

clearly defined so that the structure operates in full [or limited full]
comprehension of itself)

* ‘full’ in terms of the artificial language used * ‘limited’ in terms of natural language

and if the contextually loaded Y → CONTENT
(CONTENT → the major NARRATIVE containing lesser NARRATION composed
independently of the structure of the work to provide a social and political

and if Z possesses neither FORM nor CONTENT (other than in the most minimal sense) it
may be an irrelevant or dysfunctional element

what is the value of Z?

A. none at time of writing

and if also Z → a VACANCY for the insertion of user procedures and as such represents an
ACT or an opportunity to act

then Z represents the human interface and as such need have no ID
part 02 ends
part 03
window3 → 1. project X → building management system(s) and sensors

by-m-by haus bilong yu bilong mi

research → core aims and objectives of the intelligent building → available commercial
mission statements and so on

component X AS → shaping structure → umbrella → ignition and running procedures

component X NOT AS → not known at time of writing

Q. should the database of the intelligent building be read as or seen to be in addition to its
functionality as possessing content which may or may not be meaningful?

CONCLUDE → the intelligent building supplies a [conceptual] structure and meaningful
content is in the mind’s eye of the user → unless a basic or simplified or pidgin language is
inserted to come between X and Y

Q. what purpose would the insertion of a natural language serve at this point?

A. none at time of writing

  1. project Y → multi-screen installation → we’re here because we’re here because we’re here
    because we’re here

    research → conceptual structures → J F Sowa → AI mental modelling

    Component Y AS → ignition & running in response to [aspects of] X

    component Y NOT AS → standalone available for direct user response

    Q1. should installation run independently?

    A1. none at time of writing

    CONCLUDE → PLAY independent of X and Z demotes the notion of COMMUNALITY
    but promotes the idea of INDIVIDUATION

panel3 → 3. project Z → guardian → tracing agent → assassin →

« Quoi de neuf pussycat? » la femme Nikita

part SEARCH (Quoi…) part CLEAN (Ni-ki-ta) (cleaning agent)

research → component Z AS →
either TXT ENT
(onMouseOver onMouseOut onMouseEnter onMouse Within onMouseLeave)
or ALL

component Z NOT AS → to be determined

Q2. should enquiry be only remotely or tangentially related to other 2 components?

as it is → it is more routemaster than searching enquirer

A2. none at time of writing

CONCLUDE → Z should be [re]assigned to the status of SWITCHing device or
ALTternatively Z should provide ENTRY to →
(a) a discourse on X and Y
(b) a parallel text contextual to X or Y or X + Y
(c) a tracing agency
(d) an interrupt (or an assassin)
part 03 ends
part 04
window4 → BUILDING → X → conceptual structure → by-m-by…

intelligence of which is unknown at this stage but will include →
air conditioning alarms cctv emergency notification devices filtration units fire sprinkler
floor robotics heating lift light network power storage sensors solar activation stair (fold
unfold up down) swipes timing and temperature control ventilation


implementation → diversification of individual components
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
unspecified manifestation at this point → speech or text messages → natural language
↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
inward outreach from


panel4 → regulation of topic selection and running of installation results from unwitting
consultation with the intelligent building X

MULTISCREEN INSTALLATION Y → we’re here because…

assets of which are → free running topics prepared earlier of a socio-political nature plus
concurrent screen instruction in scripting language with samples


feeding into Y is Z

switch off change direction alter selection
↑ENQUIRY AGENT 00 Z « Quoi de neuf pussycat? »

ENQUIRY AGENT 01 → Z → la femme Nikita

to direct interrupt and redirect or empowered to clean or to provide an online or networked
commentary or summary or footnotes
part 04 ends
part 05

in this hyperpolis ( * the city of electronic signage of JMG le Clézio’s → THE GIANTS )
there are 3 (or 4) significant areas

(although each (subroutines) may (areas) have within →

. component X → the building → formerly by-m-by… is now ex nihilo nihil fit (from nothing
comes nothing)

Q. does this structure support or not support sequential non-sequential(ism)?

A. none at time of writing

component Y → the site specific screens and projections installation →

(site(s) as yet unspecified → formerly we’re here because we’re here… now obscurum per
obscurius (the obscure explained by the even more obscure)

supports [previously prepared] non-sequential writing

NB. the regulation of topic selection and the running of installation obscurum per obscurius
is a product of its unwitting or witless consultation with intelligent building x nihilo…

panel5 → texts to include for example →
(a) the index of evil → opportunities for financial investment in international terrorism →
make a killing!

(b) concierge capitalism and the decline of socialism → a call for the resurrection of anarcho-
syndicalism and a call for cost the limit of price

(c) edge-breaking-ground-cutting → odd terminology in the service of empire building
(academic → commercial and military) and other means to repression

(d) on not looking into [the] Chapmans’ œuvre → the Emin-ic trivialization of the visual arts
→ its conceptual innit?

NB. screen and projection work obscurum per… also to provide a concurrently running
instruction in scripting language

Q. does this structure support or not support sequential non-sequential(ism)?

A. none at time of writing

and as an adjunct to obscurum per… the component Z or ZZ factor supports orderly enquiry
(search or navigation) from « quoi…» + clean (or kill ) from Ni-ki-ta
part 05 ends
text ends

<subtitle> A TEXTUAL SYSTEM HYPOTHESIS </subtitle>
(the necessary and sufficient condition for a textual system to exhibit general intelligent
action is that it be a textual symbol system)

a ZAMZO text work and online production 2009