I am Senis Besmegenis

Ron Sluik

I am Senis Besmegenis and i want to question the meaning of contemporary art in the times we live in by surveying the direct surroundings i live in. Before you start reading this page and visit the other blogs linked to this page i have to mention the following: This maybe may be about contemporary art but it is NOT an art project itself. Not even close. Seriously, it is not a joke either. I sincerely want to question something. If you do not have time for it I would like to ask you not to continue. Get out of here and spend your time on something other useful.

Someplace they say senis besmegenis when they talk about an old man without a brain or snowmen... but i am Senis Besmegenis and i am investigating temporary conceptual art by exploring the area i live in. I do not expect to find anything spectacular. I am not very good in spectacular. Instead I want to see the peculiar in the common. I do not understand much but i still look ahead and want to see something. I think in images but only value contents. I can not care less about the images i publish here. I keep things simple because all is complicated. I think art is bread and the bread of today is old... very old and indigestible. I want to continue where fellowmen Duchamp and Beuys stopped a quarrel... i am not sure they had a fight... Beuys claimed all human beings are artists. From there on one could say all is art. I take the middle sized town in Europe i live in and use it as my studio / laboratory. The town is called Bergen in Norway. Could have taken any other town. After all i am a true globalist. I explore mainly the suburbs around the center and the edges of the town. I consider all i see as paint and I choose color. On these blogs i show the found footage. As i wrote in the beginning this is not pretending to be art itself. Just investigating something. I still sound like a nice guy? It s crystal clear like ice-water that it is for selfish reasons. I am actually very angry, sad, tired. Just do not know yet exactly whom or what i am angry with or disappointed in or tired from. I am determined to find that out and kick some ass! Could be my own. Now i am hungry!