Pedro Vargas

The project is about a connecting system between two supports: a digital one and a material one. The digital one is a video projected on cardboard boxes. These boxes are arrenged to conform the silhouette of a man. The projected silhouette fits exactly with the structure created with the boxes. The video shows a person in a “street situation” in real timing. Therefore, this person will be still for two minutes, in such a way that the image of his silhouette fits with the structure of boxes.

The structure is made of 1.600 cardboard boxes, each one of 39cms. high, 57cms. width and 38cms. long. The boxes conform a rectangular structure 10mts long, 8mts width and 2.5mts deep. For such purpose it is necessary that the boxes have the same exact measures. This requirement is based on the stability needed for a structure of such proportions.

Due to the particularities of size and force required by the project, it was considered to use the boxes used to pack wine bottles. These boxes are optimal for this type of project, since they are produced in series, and their resistance, because each one can support a load of 15 kg. The boxes are the remainders produced by the line of production, those that are later recycled for their new use.

The projection of the video will be emitted by two datashow 2000 EPSON ansilumens, facilitated by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile. The projectors will be located a distance of 7mts from the surface of the cardboard structure.