Peter Fillingham


1. any ideas? no idea!

work space is almost ready.

market stall at the flea market.

glitter bar sculpturerolls of carpet Duffy

the floor, pink, garlic,

a pounded clay floor (burning juniper in a chimney.)

The Public bicycle rack remains empty, there are no bicycles, and they will be available next week

I am a pig a huge stuffed pig.

Big clay block forms very dry clay. Must use planks of wood for bashing and shaping.

Then pile one up on top of one another.

Re- make balloons sculpture and re- paint c and p light sculptures

Vitrines 1,2,3,

Containing sculptures.

They do not have a real shape or name or title.

They may be ephemeral and sticky to touch but hard.

Alighiero e Boetti was interested in a hill; Peter Fillingham is interested in a lake and a holiday wall, Seamus Farrell in Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno islands. Plus Migingo island also known as Bugingo or Ugingo island.

The museum of Christmas is now re-named tiny

Loving Day collagewith posters


April 1919 Amritsar

June 1989 Tiananmen square

Stone carving Car shapes, grooves and channels, carving action, names of actions a groove, grooves, a curve, a bend, a channel etc.

Kitchen food preparation work top, a thick piece of wood. Indian grinding stones inserted into cut outs.

My collection of cardboard boxes- pick up the rest of it, and The jewel in the crown v.h.s.tapes

Paul Serusier cylinder d'or 1910

Peter Blake (b1932)

Tattooed lady, 1985

Screen print.

The Roni Horn booklet from Tate Modern, London, go to see the exhibition in Avignon

land art

Maiden Castle, Dorset, is considered to be one of Europe's largest and most impressive hill forts. Constructed between 350 BC and 75 BC, it was seized by the Romans in 43 or 44 AD

Bollocks to Alton Towers : Uncommonly British days out: Robin Halstead, Jason Hazeley, Alex Morris and Joel Morris.

Moby Dick : Herman Melville.

Kinetic Art : The language of movement, Guy Brett

Blue Guide: Paris, Benn

Working together is a new term for collaboration.


begin writing up proposals for Cadaques- the holiday wall works by several artists made on site and also brought in.

This will be the third in a series. the greatest show on earth - les merveilles du monde.

Three years.

The Mao Zedong (tse-tung) postcards.

Man sitting in a landscape on a wicker high backed chair- no legs shown

Man warmly greeting another man and his wife - no legs shown

Man talking with and listening to farm workers

Man in a jeep-like vehicle inspecting the artillery

Seated man casually smoking and talking with another seated man whilst his wife and daughters stand smiling behind.

Man in farm workers clothes in the wheat field just before harvest

Man sitting at a conference table inspecting a map of china

Man sitting in a casual room looking into a map of china

Man delivering a popular speech at a major conference, other delegates are smiling and applauding behind

Man at his desk about to sign a document

Man in military uniform waving from a high balcony

Man in his youth writing- studying at a desk

Man about to read a speech to a large gathering

Man simply standing and smiling

Man smiling during his speech at a conference

Man in military uniform with one arm raised

Man in military uniform smiling on a balcony

Man looking serious at a conference

Man applauding at a conference other delegates holding up small red books behind

Man reading a letter in a kind manner

Man laughing comfortably seated at a conference

Portrait of the man taken when he was younger

Portrait of the man taken when he was older

Portrait of the man in military uniform taken when he was younger

Man standing addressing seated soldiers

Man standing teaching

Man standing at the sea shore.