Star Maker

E:vent Gallery

Here comes the Star Maker; forces becoming particles becoming worlds. Here comes the three metre tall, thin-necked, barrel-chested men with lips like straws and pointy-heads, striving for supremacy. Here comes crustaceans riding sharks and tuna fish, locked in symbiotic partnership and piloting shiny, new rockets.

Incapable of judgement, the Star Maker sets forces in motion without rhyme or reason, turning vibrations into rhythmic patterns that falter or kill, or that consume or are consumed. The Star Maker is delighted by all the creations of the Star Maker, whether mineral, vegetable or animal; or whether they live in blissful laughter or end in breakdown or entropic deep-freeze.

The creations of the Star Maker are infinite. The drone of the performance swarms announces the advance of insect intelligence, unencumbered by divisions of nationality: a world of labour and utility, sweetness and harmony, order and cruelty. The Star Maker sings forms in and out of existence, so focus on the blinding flash - the after-image - of the self-combusting suicide suns.

The Star Maker unfolds and folds cosmic, historical and everyday time, for time is nothing but the Star Maker's plaything. If you find yourself enveloped in darkness, don't worry! You are on the right track, travelling faster than light towards the destination you desire (you just don't know you desire it yet). The last human will die on the colonies of Neptune and the last galaxy will collapse into the black hole of the last star...

...but the Star Maker is immortal.

Star Maker is devised by Mark Harris and David Burrows, both of whom thought of an exhibition drawing upon ideas about matter, life-forms, time, entropy and utopia in Olaf Stapledon's book Star Maker at exactly the same time. The installation is the work of Anthony Gross and David Burrows.

Carmel Buckley, David Burrows, John Cussans, Anthony Gross, Mark Harris, L'Hexagone, Don Lambert, Peter Lloyd Lewis, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Laura Parnes, R. H. Quaytman, DJ Simpson, Matthew Stone, Jennifer Wright, Jen Wu